5 Advantages of Countertop Display Units

Cafe with Countertop Display Fridge

Finding effective ways of displaying your items within your business and creating eye catching points of sale are always on the mind of successful business owners. Countertop display fridges are a great proven way to increase your businesses profitability. Perth Commercial Fridges and Equipment have a range of chilled countertop display fridges and heated countertop display units.

Countertop Display Fridge

Here are five advantages to having a countertop display unit:

1.They can be fitted at your point of sale

One of the biggest benefits of countertop display fridges is that you can fit them almost anywhere, as long as you have a counter, they can go on it! Choosing to have your countertop fridge right by your point of sale is a smart move which can increase the number of impulse buys that happen in your business.

2. They are energy efficient

Driving down your bills, as a business owner, is nothing to be scoffed at and the fantastic thing about countertop display cases is that they are far more energy efficient than full sized display fridges. As they are far smaller than large commercial fridges, they require less energy output to stay cool and keep refrigerated items safe. Resulting in lower electricity bills which is always a bonus. Another great thing about countertop display fridges is that they have glass doors and glass windows so your customers can view the items inside without opening the unit. Therefore, allowing customers to make their decision before opening the unit, meaning less escaped cool air and less work for the unit to do.

3. They are far easier to clean

Cleaning is a necessity, although not one we always enjoy! The fantastic thing about countertop fridges is that they are much easier to clean than their larger counterparts. This saves on time and cleaning products. The size of the fridge means that if there is a leak or spillage less products will be impacted unlike in a larger fridge where a leak on the top shelf can run down the entirety of the fridge effecting multiple shelves worth of stock.

4. Saving on floor space

This is a great advantage for new and established businesses alike. Whether you need to take on a smaller property to avoid large rental fees at the beginning of your business journey or perhaps you need extra seating space. Countertop fridges free up valuable floor space that can be better served as extra space for more customers.

5. All products are at eye level

Another well-known marketing tip is to place items you want to sell more of on a shelf at your customer’s level. This means that items that sit on lower shelves don’t tend to sell as well. With a countertop display fridge all your items are at your customers eye level providing more opportunity for the items to be seen and bought.

At Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment we have a large variety of commercial refrigeration units that will suit any business. If you have questions or need help choosing your next unit, please contact us here.