About Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment

Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment is a WA owned and operated family company. Started in 2008 when the owner, Martin Long wanted to purchase a double glass door fridge for his Alfresco area. He couldn’t find one for sale in Perth that was suitable for outdoors and could handle our hot summers!

So he set about finding one suitable for our harsh hot summers. In August of that year, brought in a container of Beerkool black 2 glass door Alfresco fridges. He kept one for himself and sold the rest by advertising in, the only place to sell anything at that point, The Quokka Classified Newspaper. In 6 weeks, the shipment was sold and the rest they say is history!

PCFE is now the Australian importer and distributor of the Beerkool range of alfresco fridges and the Norsk and Thermocool range of commercial fridges & freezers as well as the Hargrill and Kalor range of commercial cooking and heating products. In 2021 we were appointed the Australian distributor of the FM Commercial Combi Steam and Bakery ovens from Spain.

The company philosophy is providing cost effective products, specifically designed for the Commercial market.

PCF serves customers such as:

Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Lunch Bars, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Take away food shops, Florists, Schools, Churches, Charity organisations, Bars, Hospitality venues, Hotels, Backpackers Accommodation, Hospitals, Age Care & Retirement homes, Caravan Parks and residential homes.

Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment is now the largest WA Owned and Operated importer and distributor of Commercial hospitality products.

Our story – how we started and how we are now the largest WA owned imported and distributor of Commercial Hospitality products.
What does Perth Commercial Fridges and Equipment do? Here’s our brand new reel to give you a quick glance inside our business.