Alfresco Fridge Benefits

Commercial fridges are inevitably built to withstand harsh environments and demanding settings. However, the design of each fridge is different, so deciding on the best fridge for your home or business must first correlate with the location of which the fridge will be situated, while considering the products that will be stored.

Alfresco fridges such as our  Norpole Twin Zone Fridge Freezer JC173 offer spacious storage capabilities with dual zones for flexibility with storage.

Twin Zone Fridge Freezer by Norpole

Alfresco fridges offer dynamic options accommodating for versatile commercial settings. Operating in harsh environments with high temperatures, while ensuring optimal efficiency internally at all times. With tested high ambient ranges, owners have peace of mind even when in use in outdoor environments.

Over the last year, our Alfresco Fridge Range has grown eminently in demand. Changing environments have evolved outdoor entertainment areas in “safe zones” for fun activities and soirées. Alfresco fridges have developed into staple appliances that complete these areas in domestic instances. Similarly in commercial settings, outdoor service has grown in popularity. These fridges have enabled this smooth transition.

Alfresco Fridges | Benefits

Alfresco fridges offer a range of influential benefits to both domestic and commercial fridge purchasers. Let’s explore just some of the reasons why alfresco fridges have become a sought-after appliance across Perth over the last number of years.


The nature of alfresco fridges enables a wide range of opportunity for basing the fridge. With both internal and external options available with an alfresco fridge. Re-situating this type of appliance is easy and safe. Designed to perform at the highest level even when exposed to external elements. Please note. Although alfresco fridges are designed to operate in outdoor environments, it is recommended to place these fridges in shade where possible in order to ease the pressure placed on the appliance.


Designed to Australian Standards, to withstand Australia’s harsh climate our alfresco range was innovated to fulfil the needs and requirements of owners nationwide. Renowned for reliability for durability, our primary range is produced by both Norpole and Beerkool. Formulated with market-leading refrigerants ensuring a sustainable and long lasting life span.


We supply a trusted product range that has been cultivated based on performance history, durability, and reliability. We take pride in our range, thus we only supply products we truly believe are the best option for our clients.

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