Cooking delicious pizza has become a fine art in the restaurant industry. But choosing the correct pizza cooking appliance can often turn into a preference debate. The main styles of pizza cooking are; by wood-fire or an electric powered deck oven. To end this debate and to shine a light on why the latter option has grown to not only become the favoured, but the simply easier to adopt option. We have compiled a list of benefits derived from Electric Benchtop Pizza Oven owners.


Minimal Time & Expertise Required

It is widely known that wood-fired pizza ovens produce an authentic style of cooked pizza, but what is rarely shared is the level of expertise required to master this craft. With a lengthy and demanding process required, most Australians have ventured toward the electric oven option. Why? It requires minimal pre-cook preparation in terms of the appliance, minimal clean-up and a timed cooking stage results in perfectly cooked, delicious pizza - with little attention required to maintain a steady cook.


All staff or personnel can operate an electric benchtop oven with little to no guidance, simply turn it on, insert your pizza and set the timer. Whereas with a wood-fired oven, things can get a little tricky. A trained pizzaiola is required at all times to successfully cook a pizza, which can turn out disastrous when an untrained staff member makes an attempt. We believe strongly in minimal waste - especially when it comes to pizza!


Fully Cooked Pizzas in Just 3 Minutes!

In instances where high outputs of perfectly cooked pizza are demanded, we suggest using a Hargrill TIZIANO Conveyor Pizza Oven.

These comprehensive pizza ovens are commonly introduced in Restaurants and Pizzerias where high volumes of pizza are required at a seamless production rate.

With an average pizza fully cooked in just 3 minutes. These powerhouse pizza ovens are designed to run economically and come with safety-first features including a “safe to touch’ fan cooled exterior. Variable speed options with stackable conveyors and a fully digital control system ensure an easy-to-use appliance for all kitchen staff - with minimal training.

If volume is your concern this is the perfect Pizza Oven for you!

Choose from our: Hargrill TIZIANO Conveyor Pizza Oven 12 or the larger Hargrill TIZIANO Conveyor Pizza Oven 18.


Space Limited Kitchens

Our Electric Benchtop Pizza Oven has been designed to employ minimal space. We understand the demands of commercial kitchens and appreciate that space-saving pizza ovens present adequate space for other appliances and staff mobility - resulting in an increased level of productivity. Wood-fired ovens, however, can become an all-encompassing space dominator in a commercial kitchen setting. Remember, more free space - more efficiency.


Our Benchtop Commercial Pizza Oven Range ensures we have the perfect unit dimensions for your space. Standard, Medium and Large Pizza Ovens designed with maximum interior cooking space, for cooking delicious pizza.


Pizza Cooking Control

Ever tasted a burnt pizza that lacks flavour, or an undercooked pizza that lacks crisp? These instances not only tarnish the pizza option on your menu but can have a significant impact on how customers view your Chef’s expertise. Carefully controlling the cooking stage of a pizza essentially dictates the final taste. You may spend substantial time on preparation/decoration of a pizza, but if the cooking stage fails, so too does your pizza.


An Electric Pizza Oven offers a variety of cooking controls based on the cooking temperature both on top and underneath the pizza. To assist with the perfect finish, a timer will notify your staff when it is ready to cut and present. This allows your kitchen staff to carry on with their duties while your electric pizza oven cooks the pizza to perfection - every time.


How to Clean & Maintain an Electric Pizza Oven

Cleaning an Electric Pizza Oven is easy.


●      Simply, allow your oven to cool down after use.

●      Acquire a damp cloth to gently wipe the grease/food marks from the oven.

●      Following this, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe any excess surface water from the appliance and your oven is clean.

●      We recommend cleaning your Pizza Oven regularly if it is used on a daily basis.


Wood-fired vs Electric Pizza Oven?

In terms of practicality, time, maintenance and final output - your number one choice for a pizza oven appliance is the Electric Pizza Oven.


Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment supply a wide range of Electric Pizza Ovens.

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-       The Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment Team