Chest Freezers Perth

Thinking about commercial freezer options for a busy kitchen environment? Think chest freezers!

Over the past 10 years we have seen a surge across Perth in glass display freezers, thus we have devised an incredible range. But in Australia’s harshest working environments, people often opt for the chest freezer model first. In this blog we introduce our high performing chest freezers and offer insight as to why and when you should choose the chest freezer option.

In all instances where storage and operation are the main function of your freezer opposed to sales, you should choose a chest freezer. Chest freezers enable the storage of larger items in a variety of sizes – offering increased versatility in storage capabilities. It is commonly known that chest freezers also maintain their contents for a longer period of time during spells of power outages. With no glass incorporated within the structure of a chest freezer, they often withstand physical encounters with minimal damage.

If you require a tough, long lasting and adaptable commercial freezer. We recommend the following chest freezer options. Both of which are built to last, with durability, functionality and affordability at the core of each appliance.

Norsk SS Lid Chest Freezer 650ltr

A large stainless steel topped chest freezer – operating through a high performing static cooling system. The stainless steel lid has made this one of our most popular options for restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes across Perth. A white powder coating provides an easy to clean appliance that both looks and operates at a commercial grade. The use of this appliance is best suited where large food storage quantities are apparent.

Castor wheels, an internal light and a lockable door handle add to this freezer’s versatility. We recommend this freezer for busy kitchen environments that require durable freezers that last. A 650ltr capacity provides a spacious and deep chest freezer that accommodates for all food storage shapes, sizes and demands.

For more information and freezer specifications view the product here.

Norsk SS Lid Chest Freezer 312ltr

The Norsk Stainless Steel Lid Chest Freezer 312ltr is our smaller chest freezer. Although a lower storage capacity than the aforementioned. This freezer maintains a high performance level similar to the above appliance. A Stainless Steel Lid again, compliments the use of this appliance in bars, cafes, restaurants and busy/harsh commercial kitchens. A slighter smaller option for a space conscious purchaser, this freezer requires less space to function highly. For storing bulk loads of food in a small kitchen – this one’s for you!

For further specifications view here.

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– The Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment Team