Choosing The Right Commercial Fridge

Choosing the correct Commercial Fridge for your business can be a difficult task. A fridge is one of the most used appliances in any Commercial Kitchen. People often rush into choosing a brand they know, over certain requirements that would create extended value to their kitchens operations.

We often get asked, is there really a difference between a Domestic Fridge opposed to a Commercial Grade Fridge, aside from their size? Absolutely. When you consider a typical day of operations within a Commercial Kitchen and the frequency of the fridge door opening, you will soon find the difference. Commercial Fridges were created for frequent use, in areas of high temperatures and requiring high levels of power to efficiently store cool products. I guess it would be similar to asking if an everyday car could operate on a Formula 1 track sufficiently.

At Perth Commercial Fridges, we understand that choosing the right fridge for your kitchen can be difficult. There are hundreds of different brands, sizes, shapes, standards, and prices. Here is the step by step guide we encourage all of our clients to question before making their initial purchase. As always we would be delighted to help if you remain unsure after reading below.


First and foremost, the products of which you hope to store in your new Commercial Fridge. We recommend considering the size of each product, the cooling requirements, and the capacity of which you hope to store these products. This can be tricky, juggling the size of the fridge you require with the size of the space you have readily available can sometimes be a juggling act.

Once you have decided your product, assessed the size of your products, and considered a relative capacity of which to store them in, in conjunction with available space you will have narrowed down your search already! Another important factor to consider is whether you require a Display Fridge or Solid Door fridge. Normally we would ask if you are using it to entice sales or as a highly operating appliance within your establishment’s kitchen. This will half your options further, helping your decision process.

You are probably now wondering whether we have a fridge for you. Of course. As one of Perth’s leading commercial appliance providers, our range is extensive and full of brands you can trust. Let’s dive into the various fridge types and uncover the best option for you.

Fridge Type

Space Saving Slim Fridges

Space can be an issue for most commercial kitchens. Afterall most are full of other cooking appliances that you need to operate. However, poor storage of cool products will result in substantial losses and waste. Consider the readily available space. Often we see space saving fridges fly out of our doors here at Perth Commercial Fridges. They are the easiest option for space limiting places and serve as effectively as our larger options.

Take the “Norsk White Single Solid Door Fridge for example.

A space-saving, highly efficient Solid Door Fridge, ideal for a small Commercial Kitchen. Commonly used for product storage within an operating kitchen. Its solid door feature allows for increased efficiency with a higher rate of insulation, as opposed to Display Fridges.

Double Door/Triple Door Fridges

These are larger fridges. Recommended for use in large scale Commercial Kitchens with a higher rate of available space.

Take the “Norsk GN Double Door Fridge 1410ltr for example.

A large Commercial Grade Fridge, operating at double the capacity of a space-saving fridge. This model’s Embraco Compressor allows for incredible efficiency, with the power to remain at optimal temperature regardless of how many times the door opens. A fridge with the ability to operate at an incredible Ambient Rating of 43°C. With space availability and high levels of stock storage, go big!

Underbench Fridges, Counter Fridges, and Prep Counter Fridges

These types of fridges are perfect for kitchens with low height space or businesses hoping to reduce congestion – by using dual functioning appliances. These fridges can be used as benches or prep counters or even placed under larger counters to save space. Ideal for Pizzerias, Cafés, and Restaurants with limited space.

Take the “Berjaya Counter 3 Door Underbench Fridge for example:

A dual functioning appliance, operating as both a fridge and a workbench. These fridge types are incredibly efficient, operating at an Ambient of 32° with static cooling. Its dual function enables a complete reduction in the space required to obtain both a workbench and a fridge. Perfect for Pizza and Kebab Outlets, Lunch Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Take-A-Way’s, Food Trucks, Mining facilities. In fact, any Commercial Kitchen that requires a Preparation Fridge.

Display Fridges

Display Fridges are often used to entice sales or showcase chilled products that have already been made or packaged. In instances where products are premade or freshly made to purchase, choosing a Display Fridge will undoubtedly drive sales. LED Illumination, combined with a professional platform at eye level to your entering customers is sure to catch their attention. If displaying products is your main concern, this type of fridge is for you!

Take the “Norsk Tall Double Glass Sliding Door Fridge 1000ltr for example.

A visually enticing fridge. Designed to display products in a visually appealing manner, resulting in a higher sale output. This fridges LED lighting system, sliding doors, and digital display unit portray a clean, professional, and welcoming storage unit.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Ambient Rating

Ensuring the Commercial Fridge, you purchase is able to function at a high Ambient Temperature is important. In areas of specifically high temperatures such as Mandurah or Joondalup, or in kitchens where temperatures exceed that of normal, it is crucial your chosen fridge is capable of withstanding such intense conditions. Here Perth Commercial Fridges, we supply High Rated Ambient Fridges in order to reduce the risk of our customers purchasing a fridge that isn’t durable enough for their setting. Our fridges range from a 32°- 43°C Ambient Rating while maintaining an efficient temperature within – allowing the cool storage of products, at all encounters of high temperatures.


A highly efficient fridge results in low running costs. It is that simple. We supply a wide range of Energy Efficient Fridges at a low cost. Purchasing low energy consuming appliances is key for long term profitability. Solid Door Fridges have been proven to perform at higher efficiency rates. However enticing sales is derived from Display Fridges in certain instances. Choosing the best fridge for you must first be based on your requirements and efficiency second.

Self-Activating Functions

These are functions that aid the smooth running of your Commercial Fridge. Functions such as Auto-Defrost and Self-Closing Lockable Doors will reduce the overall maintenance of your appliance, saving you both time and money! We chose market-proven brands that ensure customers are receiving value for money in all instances.

We understand choosing the correct fridge can be difficult. If you are still unsure as to the best option for you. Call our team today, we would be more than happy to help!

– The Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment Team