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Generating sales within stores is derived from capturing the attention of your customers that enter your store within the first 20 seconds of entering. This is the vital time period to capture and attract your customers to certain sections of your store. Refrigeration should be in all instances almost a beacon within your store. In this blog, our team dive into the various factors that will influence and lead customers to your display fridges and freezers with a sale driven objective in mind.

First off, everything must be displayed. Display fridges and freezers alike, have now taken over stores. Chest freezers in stores are now used as secondary storage in the storage department. People appreciate that customers need to visually see products in order to buy. Too often, customers are in a rush to grab what they need and leave. Our job is to help you entice spontaneous sales while they rush around your store to grab their essentials.

Product Visibility is key.

As mentioned, display, display and again, display! If your customers cannot see your refrigerated products, they simply will not buy them. The modern-day consumer is far too busy to go looking for products. They want them clearly displayed and easily attainable within a couple of seconds.

Employing a suitable fridge that captures the buyers attention is often derived from illumination and colouring. Perth Commercial Fridges offer a range of display fridges that exploit both factors.

Take the affordable:

Thermocool Single Door Mid Height Display Fridge 252ltr.

This is just one of our display refrigeration systems that exploits both key factors. Utilising display fridges is key, in order to consistently turn over refrigerated products through sales. Some key benefits of this display fridge include:

  • Full side interior light in fridge with light box on top.
  • Self-Closing hinged Door.
  • Castor Wheels – enabling easy movement.

Display Fridges Capture attention.

It goes without saying, customers have a congested range of stores to visit nowadays. As consumers, we are attracted to new, sleek and clean looking display appliances that uphold the products we desire. With an array of different stores within close proximities of each other across Perth, what makes your store more attractive. Aside from price, it is the customer’s experience when they are in your store.

Surprisingly, we as consumers are easily pleased when it comes to refrigerated products. We seek, visible, clean, and simplistic storage appliances that offer a premium feel. Question both your commercial fridge and commercial freezer’s visual appearance. Are they still capturing the attention their inside product deserves?

Use your fridge to carefully display products.

Like any display unit or appliance, carefully displaying your sales products will complement your sales output. Remember eye-level is buy level. Place your most popular products in this region.

Now that your customers have landed at your refrigeration unit. Capitalise on their interest by placing new products nearby – increasing the chances of a sale. Highlight the promotion of these new products. A simple % reduction could plant the consumer with a long-life favoured product.

With the correct displaying unit, illumination and layout – consumers will buy.

80% of sales are initiated at the point of sale (POS) by the product’s display appeal.

Purchasing an effective, affordable and energy-efficient display fridge or freezer can dramatically increase the sales of your chilled/frozen product supply.

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