Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

If you run a food and beverage business, some of your key equipment would be your refrigeration units (drink fridge, food fridge, freezer unit etc.) It is essential that your refrigeration equipment is kept in optimum condition to preserve both fresh and frozen foods to allow for smooth daily operations of the business.

Regardless of the size of your business, it would be wise to be efficient with the energy consumption of your equipment. Not only will your business benefit from the financial savings of an energy efficient refrigeration unit, but it will have a positive impact on the environment AND extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Here are some energy saving tips for your commercial refrigeration units:

1. Adjust your refrigeration unit’s temperature appropriately

Needless to say, different refrigeration units require different temperature settings according to its purpose. Optimally, commercial drink fridges should be kept at 3 to 4°C and commercial freezers should be set to -15 to -18°C. Use a thermometer to check your unit’s temperature and adjust the thermostat. Additionally, you can also switch off the internal or display lighting (for glass door fridges) and controlling the anti-moist heaters for increased energy saving consumption.

2. Maintain your commercial refrigeration units regularly

In addition to the servicing of your equipment by professionals, check to see that the seals, gaskets and hinges on your commercial refrigeration units are working properly. This is essential to prevent the leaking of cold air that would compromise the unit’s cooling capacity and lead to higher energy consumption.

3. Defrost your commercial freezer units regularly

The buildup of ice in your equipment affects the performance of your refrigeration units. Not only does this affect energy consumption, it could potentially cause damage to your food when they’re not kept in proper temperatures. So, defrost regularly to increase energy savings and reduce the likelihood of wastage from spoiled stock.

4. Ensure commercial chillers are kept on a level surface

Keep your commercial chillers on a level surface so the doors can be closed easily to prevent the leakage of cold air.

5. Scatter food and beverage around the unit before packing them together

By scattering items before compressing them allows for a better circulation of airflow which results in the faster cooling or freezing of items. It is also important to not over-stuff your commercial refrigeration units as it will affect the cooling performance of your equipment.

By following these simple tips you can save energy, money and time as you would have prevented unnecessary repairs or replacements. A long term bonus would be the positive effect on not only the environment, but also for your business as your equipment will be reliable and working in optimum conditions.

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