Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Choosing equipment for your Commercial Kitchen can be difficult, it’s quite an investment when considering the life expectancy of each piece of equipment. Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment supply an array of kitchen appliances from trusted brands across Australia. To carefully choose the correct appliance or equipment for your kitchen, the following factors should be considered in detail.

Space Availability

Measure the area of which you hope to place your new kitchen appliance or piece of equipment. Then measure it a second time to be sure! After you have completed this, you will have an idea of the space available to you for your new Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Realising your space availability will enable you to delegate space to a certain piece of equipment. Here Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment, we have appliances in varying sizes, to suit all kitchen shapes and sizes. One of our most popular appliances is that of a space-saving and high functioning fridge. The measurement process is crucial when considering equipment for your Commercial Kitchen. Poorly measured or incorrect measurements may result in a kitchen reconfiguration or the need to return the purchase thus, resulting in an increased time period for the installation process.

Product Efficiency & Quality

Choose a known and trusted brand, that you know you can trust. As the choice of Commercial Kitchen Equipment brands increase, quality can be reduced. Choosing a known brand with a market-proven efficiency will result in a longer life for your purchase. Perth Commercial Fridges supply a range of Energy Saving appliances, built for durability and functionality. We understand the wearing conditions of a harsh commercial kitchen and we appreciate quality products as an answer to these conditions. Keeping bills down post-purchase is just as important as buying your product for a reasonable price.

Eg. You may save $100-$200 buying a cheaper brand of the fridge you want, but your bills may far exceed that of an Energy Saving version. Choose efficiency, the long term billing should be considered just as much as the initial price tag. Our range includes market-proven brands such as Beerkool, Norsk & Norpole to name a few. Check out our website for a full breakdown on each of our products, including their energy rating!


Ask yourself, “What is the main reason I need this equipment and what model suits my requirements best?”

Choosing the correct piece of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for your requirement is key. You may like the idea of a Large Double Door Display Fridge such as our Norsk NG Low Energy 1000ltr Display Fridge White NLB but the practicality of your purchase may be in doubt oppose to a Space Saving Single Door Fridge such as our Norsk White Single Solid Door Fridge 430ltr. Consider your requirement as your Commercial Kitchens need. Then base your choice predominantly on this factor. Buying a piece of Commercial Equipment must first be justified by its function, above all else in the decision-making process.

Considering your chosen product’s operating requirements is important. The availability of power, operating space and the maintenance of the product may reduce your choice further. Ensuring your kitchen is fully equipped for your appliance is crucial.

Ease Of Use

In a fast-paced world, Commercial Kitchens have lost time to perform the dated processes of kitchen maintenance such as; lengthy cleaning processes and defrosting of freezers. Our product range was formed on the basis of helping our clients. Easy to use and highly effective products will inevitably make your life easier in a Commercial Kitchen. Each Commercial Appliance we supply includes a clever component to make your operating day a bit easier. Components such as digital control and display units, adjustable feet, Stainless Steel interiors and exteriors, non-stick layers and self-closing lockable doors have been noted to make kitchen operations run more efficiently.


Each product Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment supply, come with a 2 year Parts and Labour Warranty as standard.

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