Roller Gravity Shelves for Norsk Display Fridges

Keep your fridge shelves well displayed and make customer selection simple and easy

Our Rollermat system is a shelf-ready gravity feed system that offers full visibility of products, allowing the shopper to make their choice quickly and easily. The RollerMat is a set of rollers that when placed on the shelf, makes the product roll to the front of the shelf. Gravity front-feeding also makes out-of-stocks detectable immediately and simplifies stock replenishment whether filling from the front or rear, which helps to reduce labour cost.

Quick and easy to install

The rollers are a platform covering the full shelf surface and can be directly placed on to the shelf fixture. Adjust your shelf up at the rear to allow products to roll forward. The guide bars between products can easily be adjusted to fit various sizes of cans & bottles.

Key benefits:

  • Avoid perceived out of stock with automated front-facing
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Suitable for Norsk 430ltr, 600ltr, 1000ltr & 1500ltr models

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