Xsential WX-10PLVS High Temp Scale Treatment System

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The Citrus-Charge is a product designed to reduce the potential for scale formation in hard water by lowering its pH. By bringing the water closer to a neutral pH range, it is less likely to form scale. The Warewasx Scale Treatment System, on the other hand, works by binding and sequestering calcium ions in the water, which prevents them from forming scale. When used in conjunction with Citrus-Charge, the minerals are unable to form scale, resulting in clean, scale-free water that is ideal for ware washing. Overall, it these two products work together to address the issue of scale formation in hard water and provide a solution for those looking to maintain clean and efficient ware washing operations.

It is essential that cartridges be replaced every 3-4 months otherwise damage may occur to your system and unit.

Call us to order the WX-10CART replacement chemical cartridge. It is a quick click-out / click-in replacement with no tools required.

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