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Commercial Immersion & Stick Blenders
Easily blend, mix, or emulsify food with a powerful Kalor immersion blender.
Perform food preparation tasks with ease with the help of our high-performance immersion blenders! Excellent food preparation requires high-quality blending equipment and the Kalor commercial immersion blenders offer maximum performance. These units are also marketed as handheld mixers, stick blenders, wand blenders, or mini blenders due to their portability. Decrease your food prep time and make it easier with a Kalor Immersion / Stick blender.
Professionals looking for an immersion blender that is able to keep up with the industry’s demands are certain to find the right one from the Kalor range. Comprised of only the finest materials and components, these handheld blenders promise many years of unwavering service. Grind soft meats, make mashed potatoes, prepare cake batters or puree berries with impressive quickness! Kalor blenders are configured for various blending capabilities to ensure that chefs get the right textures and consistencies.