Pay on your terms

To make purchasing easier for your business, we’ve partnered with Shift Payments.

With Shift, you automatically get up to an additional 14 days to pay for your purchases at no cost. You can also choose longer terms up to 20 weeks for a fee.


  • Up to an additional 14-day terms free (no fee or charges)
  • Choose up to 20 weeks to pay for a nominal fee
  • Access to revolving account
  • Improve cash flow by choosing your own terms

Open an account in just minutes

It’s simple to open an account and only takes a few minutes. All you need is:

  1. ABN
  2. Australian licence or passport number
  3. Australian mobile number

About Shift Payments

Shift Payments was developed by GetCapital, Australia’s award-winning business lender. GetCapital offers a broad range of business finance products, including the innovative “bankless” Business Overdraft, as well as solutions for asset purchases, expansion & growth and payments. With a strong focus on customers, GetCapital provides the finance businesses need and the service they deserve.

A payment platform that simplifies the way you do business

Make purchasing easier with Shift Payments, a revolving payment platform that gives you up to an additional 14 days to pay at no cost. Or choose longer terms up to 20 weeks, for a fee.

Shift Payments allows you to improve cash flow by giving you the flexibility to choose your own terms – pay in full or pay weekly.

Opening an account is fast and simple. Requests can be approved within minutes. Shift Payments provide limits up to $150,000.

Shift Payments is brought to you by GetCapital, an award-winning business lender.