The 3 Essentials of a Florist Fridge

When you walk into the florists’ store, you can’t help but wonder how they manage to keep so much flowers and foliage in such pristine condition. In fact, a lot of care goes into ensuring that the flower you purchase are beautifully fresh. From the diagonal cut on the stem to enhance nourishment absorption rates right down to the right mixture of floral preservatives in your bouquet so you can enjoy a longer lifespan of your flowers.

A major equipment (if not the most important) in a florists’ arsenal is the florist fridge. While they may look like any other commercial fridge for food storage, the florists’ fridge requires 3 essential things to store flowers.

1. Temperature

Cut flowers are required to be stored in cooler environments to slow their life cycle to prevent it from blossoming too soon and inevitably wilt or spoil. By storing the flowers at cooler temperatures, it puts the flower into hibernation where its growth cycle is slowed allowing for a longer lifespan. The optimal temperature for a florist fridge should ideally be set at approximately 8-10ºC but it would also be dependent on the type of flowers and foliage. Tropical flowers could require higher temperatures of up to 11ºC.

2. Humidity

Unlike food management in kitchens, flowers require a higher rate of humidity in storage. The fridge should ideally be set at 75-80% humidity to ensure that the flowers are not damaged by dehydration. However, variations may be required depending on the type of flowers and when they are stored. For example, flowers stored with preservatives may be stored in fridges where the humidity is lower.

3. Air Flow

Besides maintaining beautiful fresh-looking flowers, the florist fridge also keeps the flowers from losing the ever-fresh scent that is so critical in any floral arrangement. An obstructed duct could result in a variation in temperature causing the flower to warm up, blossom and lose their beautiful scent. Therefore, it is important that the fridge and arrangements of flowers in it is set up to have an unobstructed airflow throughout the unit to ensure optimal storage conditions.

If you’re looking for a florist fridge, we would recommend the Norpole 1000ltr Flower Showcase Double Door Fridge. It has a digital temperature controller with a range from 8-15ºC to ensure that your flowers are kept well within optimal conditions. Its full-length glass doors complete with illuminated light box will allow you to display your flowers that would wow your customers. Last but not least, the double door unit has no middle barrier, allowing you the freedom to arrange your display to your liking and more importantly, giving it optimal air flow.

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