The Benefits of a Commercial Display Fridge

Commercial Display Fridge Benefits - Perth Commercial Fridges

Enticing customers to purchase products is essentially creating a magnet to your display area. Modern day consumers appreciate easy to find, see and retrieve products that cost the customer minimal time to acquire. Thus, it is crucial that in all commercial settings a visually enticing commercial display fridge and/or freezer continuously display products in a sales driven way. Where all refrigerated foods are available to buy, you will find a commercial display fridge.

Restaurants, Cafes, Convenience Stores and many more food supplying outlets utilise display fridges to generate sales. Although solid door commercial fridges are known to maintain internal temperatures a fraction more evenly – they rarely attract sales.

Why use a Commercial Display Fridge?

Product Accessibility 

Customers can not nor will not buy products they cannot see or retrieve easily while in store. Enabling easy access to products is key, especially when encouraging impulse buys. Offering a platform that not only displays your commercial products with clarity, but that also presents them in an easy to grab and go process will inevitably aid your sales.

Commercial display fridges provide this platform. Hosting products in an illuminated, clean and easily accessible platform for in store customers. Unless a customer is set on buying a product before entering your store, chances are they will not ask to see a product they are not 100% going to buy. The awkward decision process as the store attendant awaits your decision. Nobody, especially buying customers, enjoys this encounter, so they avoid it at all costs. Commercially displaying your products and minimising these encounters will offer paying customers a chance to decide themselves stress free and explore other displayed options – creating a more “likely to buy” scenario.

Illuminated Visibility

Commercially displayed meats, minerals, dairy products and many more refrigerated items visibly in store with a commercial display upright fridge. In all marketing situations visibility is key. LED illumination found in a variety of our Upright Display Fridges helps to create a beacon for your refrigerated offerings with ease. What better way to capture a customer’s attention than with light.

Illumination of this standard presents products in a clean, commercial and enticing sale driven way. Creating maximum visibility to brighten up your merchandise – creates a premium look for all products underneath this spotlight. The brighter the better when it comes to displaying products. Here at Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment, our range also incorporates top light boxes – designed to immediately capture the attention of consumers, to draw them closer to the display fridge. A beacon-like illuminated box creates a professionally clean and new looking appliance year-round.

Take the Norsk Tall Single Glass Door Fridge 430ltr for example.

Norsk Single Door Commercial Fridge - Perth Commercial Fridges

A robust, reliable and sale generating Upright Display Fridge with an Illuminated Top Lightbox.

Available today with 2 Year Warranty for only $1,090 + GST.

Clean & Efficient Commercial Grade Display Fridges

Commercial Display Fridges are more than a product display platform. They also enhance your shop’s overall appeal. A fresh, uplifting and space-saving appliance from Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment helps to rejuvenate your store – impacting on your entire product range.

Removing blocky, solid door fridges and replacing them with an aesthetically pleasing upright glass door fridge that projects LED lighting, and a welcoming commercial aurora around your store has an array of untold benefits.

Along with the aesthetics, impacts and accessibility of our commercial upright display fridges. They have also been innovated to output minimal noise and utilise a low energy consumption – ensuring your bills remain low amongst all of the aforementioned benefits.

Efficiency resides at the core of our entire product range. We understand and appreciate the demand of commercial settings. Rest assured once your refrigerator has been installed, a Perth Commercial Fridge & Equipment appliance requires little to no attention aside from a regular and swift clean.

Explore our full range of commercial display fridges today, by visiting our website here.

– The Perth Commercial Fridges & Equipment Team