Karalong Pty Ltd (ACN 127 228 077) of 53 Competition Way, Wangara WA 6065, Australia (Phone: (08) 9249 7222; Email) (“Karalong”) warrants to the original purchaser (“Customer”) who has purchase any of its following products (“Product”) that they will be free from defects in workmanship an material for their respective periods as set out below from and including the date of invoice (“Warranty Period”). It is, however, expressly agreed that to the extent permitted by law, Karalong is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit or any other economic loss arising from any defects covered by the Warranty. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

Beerkool Alfresco Fridges 12 Months
Norpole Alfresco Fridges 24 Months
Thermocool Bar Fridges 24 Months
Norsk Counter Cake Display Cabinets 12 Months
Norsk Free Standing Cake Display Cabinets 24 Months
Norsk & Thermocool Chest & Ice Cream Freezers 24 Months
Norsk & Norpole Upright Glass Display Fridges 24 Months
Thermocool Upright Glass Display Freezers 24 Months
Norsk 50ltr Counter Fridge & Freezer 12 Months
Norpole Ice Machines* 24 Months*
Norsk Counter Top Prep Units 12 Months
Norsk & Thermocool Pizza/Salad Prep Fridges 24 Months
Norsk Solid Door Fridges & Freezers 24 Months
Norsk Vertical Cake Display Fridges 24 Months
Norsk & Thermocool Workbench Fridges & Freezers 24 Months
Hargrill & Kalor Cooking & Heating Products 12 Months
Hargrill Gas Cooking Products 24 Months
Panasonic Microwave Ovens 24 Months

Note: Norpole Ice Machines must have correct and in date water filter attached to unit for warranty to be valid.

General Terms

Warranty commences date of sale. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim. Warranty, repair, replacement and adjustment are not available for defects, faults or failures due to:

  1. Ordinary wear and tear, user negligence, misuse or abuse, weather.
  2. Malicious damage by a third person: alternations or modifications by a non-authorized service technician.
  3. Incorrect transportation, installation and use of products. No fridges are loaded on their side. All fridges must always be transported standing up. Failure to do so will AUTOMATICALLY void ALL warranties.
  4. Rusting of equipment.
  5. Products used in rental, hire or mobile vehicle situations are not covered.

Chargeable Items

Labour cost outside of warranty period will be charged. Parts outside of warranty period or conditions will be charged accordingly and may incur freight costs.


The warranty or implied warranty, does not cover normal wear and tear and all warranties are void if the product is used for other than normal activities. Repairs or replacement required where there is evidence that such conditions have contributed to a component failure will not be covered by the warranty. Other exclusions are damage affected by outer force; intervention by unauthorized parties, incorrect handling of the products, non-compliance of the operation instructions and commercial use of domestic related products.

The following conditions void any warranty or is not covered under warranty:

  1. Incorrect installation – such as a lack of ventilation, exposure to the elements
  2. Abuse, misuse or alteration
  3. Failure to let compressor oil and/or refrigerant settle after relocation.
  4. Damage during movement by the client from one location to another including lifting the unit by the doors or door handles.
  5. The transportation of any units in a horizontal or angled (leaning) position.
  6. Insect and/or vermin infestation
  7. Electrical/Power surges and/or storm damage
  8. Damage to any area or structure due to movement of the fridge, like wooden floors, walls and glass etc.
  9. Any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, spoilt wine or frozen drinks, water damage etc. except as provided for by the Trade Practices Act and Similar State and Territory Laws.
  10. Units used in ‘moveable’ vehicles (Cars, Vans, Buses etc.) will not be covered under any warranty at all.
  11. Fluorescent or LED lights, ballast, rusted parts (including Stainless Steel), screws, door locks, nuts, and any plastic parts involving basic wear and tear. This includes door handles, internal and external door seals, glass seals. Any glass doors or panels on fridges, freezers, ovens, warmers, cookers are not covered.
  12. Labour if the technician has to travel outside of the stated service area. Should the unit require attention outside of our stated service area, please contact us for our schedule of rates that we will pay for warranty repairs done by third party technicians.

In Order to ensure the correct Operating Environment is maintained, the Purchaser agrees that:

  • Store ambient conditions as recommended must be maintained. The unit is used in conditions the unit is specified for.
  • Standard conditions for efficient running should be adhere to.
  • Cabinet must be cleaned and maintained to suit the effective running of cabinets.
  • Air ducts are not restricted at the front, rear and sides of units.
  • Defrost conditions are maintained.
  • Cabinets are not exposed directly to sunlight or other sources of radiant heat.
  • Correct shelf positions are maintained with always a minimum gap of 30mm between the top of the product and the bottom of the shelf above.
  • Product shelves and packing of units is maintained in an orderly manner.

On Site Repairs

All repairs will be completed on site at the customers premises. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a space compliant for any repair. If the customer is unable to provide this area or is not viable due to space/OH&S/operating hours of customers premises or by reason provided by technician, the unit will be transported to our service location for repair and transported back at the customers expense. Customers can return the faulty units themselves to our service location.

Country/Non-Perth Metro Repairs

We will cover the cost of repairs during the warranty period where we give you, the purchaser the permission to engage your own repair person. In this situation:

  1. We will send you any parts you require FOC during the warranty period. This does not include the cost of freight or transport to you.
  2. We pay the cost of repairs according to our Schedule of Rates. This will be provided to the purchaser should you have a warranty claim.
  3. We do not pay travelling time for repair persons to travel from one location to another.


This warranty does not cover any personal injuries, damage to or failure of the product or any other losses due to accident, misuse, neglect, abuse normal wear, improper assembly or improper maintenance. Claims under this warranty should be made to your authorized dealer with dated proof of purchase and said dealer will determine if the component(s) is defective. Any defective part will be replaced free of charge. Installation labour is not included in this warranty. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and does not cover any defect, malfunction or failure which does not conform to the limited warranty aforesaid.


Freight costs: The cost of freighting the replacement part under warranty, or component to the customer will incur standard transport fees. The cost of freighting products or parts to us shall be at the expense of the customer, unless within DOA period.

Proof of purchase: The customer needs to provide proof of purchase before any warranty work or parts will be provided. An official invoice from us is the only means by which proof of purchase can be accepted.

Metropolitan Area: Defined as no more than 30km from GPO.

Returned goods: The unauthorised return of parts or products shall be at the expense of the customer. We will not be liable for the freight or return of the product.

DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL): “DOA” applies to products which have a major fault within 7 days of customer purchase. These products may be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

Definition of Warranty: The warranty shall guarantee that all components are free from defects or manufacture faults for a period stated pertaining to a particular brand. All faulty components shall be replaced or supplied free of charge as set out in this policy. All warranties in this policy apply to home and normal use only. These warranties do not apply to products used in any commercial rental/hire or mobile use. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Out call or service calls may be made if within the metropolitan area at our discretion. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Turnaround Times: It is our intention to respond to all claims within 72 hours of unit being reported and have the product physically inspected within 14 working days, dependant on parts availably and lead times. In the event we cannot access parts for a service request, there may be some delay and the problem will be rectified as soon as parts come available. In same cases, where the replacement item is easy to be installed by a person of a trade or technical background, the parts maybe sent for that person to replace.

This warranty does not cover any damage caused by transportation of your item. We are not responsible for damage in transit; hence you may wish to obtain transport insurance.

In the event that our technician inspects your unit and no fault of operation is found and the unit is functioning as designed, you will be charged for his service call.

Warranty Policy, effective 19th August 2008. Updated Nov 8, 2021.